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Wath is Hardware and Software?

Equipment such as tools, keys, locks, chains and all other equipment made of metal and used in mechanical operations such as repair or maintenance in the process of handling machines. Sometimes people are confused with hardware devices between devices and computers. But there is a big difference between hardware and computers.

What is a hardware computer?

All tangible components of a computer system on which any of the inputs can be rendered (such as keyboard, mouse, etc.) or the output can be received (such as screen, printer, etc.) are known as computers. The hardware components of the computer system themselves do not issue instructions but rather process instructions generated by the program or the user.

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Computers are only a subset of the word devices when we say computers we only mean the devices used in a computer system but if we only say devices, we mean all devices that can be used in any device. Computers include the following parts of a computer system such as: keyboard, mouse, floppy disk drive, hard disk, CD-ROM drive, printer, RAM, etc.

But do hardware alone make the computer system not a bug. A computer system with hardware and without software is life less which means it is like a skeleton without life. To make the computer system fully functional, the program is necessary together with the hardware. The primary program required to make a computer run in a friendly manner and to have it support all user activities is the operating system.

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What is an operating system or Software?

In a normal language operating system it is the program that brings life to the computer system. The operating system itself does nothing but provides an environment in which other programs can execute. It provides an interface between the user and computers. Directs the user to work on the computer. It provides instructions to the user on how to operate on the computer. An operating system is the software that makes other devices work in an efficient way.

The field of hardware and software has also become a profession for the new generation and has very broad prospects in this field. People who want to establish as hardware or software engineers can complete their studies or diploma course from any reputable institution and start their career with the existing organization or they can start their own company in this field if they are ready to be entrepreneurs.

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