Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Five Simple & Cheap Baby Shower Gift Ideas.

A baby shower is an exciting event for a new mother where she and her newborn are the center of attention. Even if you don’t attend the baby shower (for example, if you are a family member or boy friend), it’s best to buy at least a small gift for the baby.

The new mom may have listed some of the common things a baby will need, and if she has a list like this one you can check it out. However, you often have to choose gifts without a list. So, here are some “safe bets” when it comes to baby shower gifts. I got some of these gift ideas while in a Target store looking for gifts. I asked many parents who have children with them in their shopping baskets what kind of gifts are good for a new baby and here are some of the answers I got.

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These baby gift ideas are very easy to find and very affordable in stores like Target. For $ 50, you can own a lot of stuff.

Simple & Inexpensive Baby Shower

1. Clothing: All babies need clothes, and they grow up really fast! If you’ve ever shopped for baby clothes, you might be surprised to see that there are several different sizes of clothes needed for babies only during the first year!

There are 0 to 1 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months and more! Therefore, there are many types of clothing that will be in demand in various sizes. Remember to pay attention to the age of the child now, because baby clothes change sizes quickly, and you won’t want to buy a gift that’s too small the moment you give it to the parents!

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2. Teething toys: All baby teeth and will require small chew toys of some kind. These can get dirty quickly and it’s smart to replace them often, so some of these teething toys might come in handy. You may find rattles or bells. Just make sure it’s not big enough for the baby to swallow.

3. Stuffed Animals: Cute stuffed animals make a great gift. The softest variety available is probably the most preferred for warm comfort. Additionally, some of these stuffed animals may have built-in sounds. You may want a voice that makes a sound, or you may want an old voice that is muted. Good examples are Winnie-The-Pooh or Eyeore.

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4. Diapers: Parents always need diapers, and it is a very practical and useful gift. Remember to look at the size correctly, considering how many months the baby is. You can also see which types of diapers the parents prefer.

5. Children’s books: Great for reading for children and help them develop young minds. While very young children cannot understand stories, parents are always on the lookout for a nice little library of high quality books for their children to read.

There you have 5 simple baby shower gift ideas! We hope you can find a nice gift or even a shopping bag full of little gifts for babies and parents to enjoy.

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