Organic Tshirts

Here are 3 Types Kinds of Tshirts and What to Choose?

It’s no secret now that the demand for organic cotton clothing is increasing rapidly. People are willing to buy more natural clothes for themselves to prevent the harmful chemicals used in many textile processes.

However, there are also some smart people who try to make more money using this person’s weakness. I mean, how are you going to believe that the shirt you buy is completely organic? There are 3 common uses for organic cotton.

Here are 3 Types Kinds of Tshirts and What to Choose?

Organic Tshirts

A) You are using regular / traditional cotton and claim it is organic.

If people think you will make 30% more profit wearing the exact same clothes. So please do research on clothing labels before buying and also try buying from big brands!

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B) You get organic cotton.

Make a fabric out of it and dye it as you would ordinary cotton. In the end you will end up with hazardous chemicals that are not organic but “made from organic cotton.”

C) Get organic cotton and dip it in dye permitted by the organic certifying company and follow their guidelines.

It is expensive and the material is finished, and the price of the clothes will be higher but this is of course more correct. Finally your organic tissue will be harmless! In this case, you can also easily pronounce the term “organic shirt”.

Isn’t it tempting? Try to stay away from “Made in India” and “Made in China” organic cotton products for now. The United States and Turkey offer better quality and reliable business today. I will try to explain the details in my next article on the website

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