Tips to Cutting your Grocery Bill

How to Cutting your Grocery Bill without using Coupons?

Even though I’ve never been a strong coupon shopper, I usually cut coupons from the Sunday newspaper and then make my grocery list based on the coupons I have. Now, I rarely use coupons (except for the occasional coupon that I take out of the box or box I buy). I know a lot of people save a lot of money with coupons, but I find that for me, I buy a lot of things I don’t need. I also feel like I am more focused on the product itself than on the food I need to prepare. Eventually, I began to feel a little bit manipulated by the big companies offering coupons. . . Buy 2 pieces at Kellogg’s and save $ 0.75.

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I have stopped using coupons and started preparing the food I want to prepare using ingredients I feel comfortable with. Besides, I don’t have the passion for hunting. Nowadays, with the internet, I think coupon enthusiasts might be able to find a better selection of coupons than just Sunday newspapers, but I wasn’t in the place to spend that kind of time. Instead, I found a way to save on my purchase invoice in other ways. Here are some of them.

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Family size. I used to buy several kilograms of ground beef. Then I became interested in the price. That’s when I started buying 5 pound containers and preparing them for 3, 4, and even 5 different meals. Not only did I save money, but I also dictated the amount of meat in the recipe. I’ve found that if I use more meat as a flavor than a whole meal, we eat less and enjoy it as much.

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Buy in bulk. Although the move is similar to the size of the family, I did not make this move too much (I shop within my budget for each pay period. I am not a large shareholder). This can be a cost-effective method for large families or for expensive items that are rarely purchased.

Shop for other brands. Again, we are often manipulated by marketing into believing that Bayer is more effective for us than store branding. Look at the store’s ingredients and brand names. They tend to be identical. If you have an Aldi shop or another store that primarily sells brands in your area, check this out.
Check the price. Many stores will match other store advertising rates. Write down which shops match the prices and frequency of those shops.

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Make a meal plan. Don’t go to the store without writing down the menu for the week. Random grocery shopping for potential food items will produce more items than you need and dusty items in the kitchen or refrigerator. Use your family calendar to plan menus for the week based on the amount of time you have each day, ongoing activities, and the season. Better yet, make a plan for your pay period (two weeks? One month?). The fewer shop visits, the less money you will end up spending. Be efficient when shopping.

Use lists. Make a comprehensive list of things you can buy from your list. Make an inventory of your kitchen cabinets and spice cabinets. If you are on a grocery budget, estimate the costs alongside the items you think will be expensive. This helps you stay on budget. Make sure to stick to the list! Forgetting to get an item off your list will result in another trip to the store, costing you time, gas, and more money. ListPlanIt members will find everything they need to plan a menu and create a grocery list for meal planning. List them on your account, whether you are at home or sitting in the aisle sharing the school car. Then your list is always with you on your smartphone or tablet when you visit the store. Get started on your 30 day trial today!

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What methods do you use to reduce your purchase bill?