taking a shopping in paris

A Guide To Taking a Shopping Trip in Paris

When shopping in Paris can be fun. Paris not only has great shops for shopping in the country, it also offers street shopping. Paris has everything you want to bring home for the whole family to enjoy. You will notice that everyone on the street is very highly dressed. Paris is well known for its elegant fashion, but prices in many malls are reasonable, which makes expensive Parisian fashion deceptive. So, when it comes to shopping, you’re a fashion paradise when shopping in Paris.

How to choose the six best shops in Paris :


Christian Louboutin is one of the bestsellers in Paris. The shop has a stylish offering, namely shoes are unique. You will find a perfect pair of shoes for all of your family’s needs.

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Emporio Armani is a great boutique in Paris for shopping too. This shop is famous for its casual wear for custom suits. This shop has four floors of shopping, and has almost anything you can photograph on the shelf.

Forum des Halles is also the best department store in Paris. The shop is famous for the biggest food market. Underground shop, where the roof is used as a car park.

Galexis Lafayette is the fourth famous shop in Paris that you might want to visit. This shop is famous for its beautiful glass domes. This shop has a wide variety of cosmetics and a large perfume opening is the mainstay of this shop. Galexis is very much appreciated for the choice of women and men.

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Hermes is known for its wide variety of home office and office supplies.

Its window screens have a wide variety of products that keep people coming back as they sell leather planners, notebooks and some umbrellas. The shop also sells many hats and equestrian shoes.

The last one is number six and the shop is called LeBonMarché. This shop is famous for its ancient history. The shop is more than 100 years old. It’s the largest men’s and women’s clothing store of its kind, and has the only restaurant choice with a full menu so you can shop and when you’re tired you can sit down and have a full meal before heading home. Forget cooking aye!

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While in Paris, go shopping, where you will have a ball looking at all the things the store has to offer you. The shop makes things easy for you, because everything is at your fingertips.

There are many other shops you can also visit in Paris. List in this article only six of the best shopping places. In Paris, the capital of France, there are more than 100 stores in the country where you can shop so you can pick the shop you want and shop till you drop by.

After you are done shopping, you may want to go to the hotel and relax. Maybe take a hot shower and enjoy the rest of the evening, then you might want to go out of town. Whatever it is, you decide to enjoy it.

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Paris has plenty of nightclubs that you may want to visit too. You can choose from dance to comedy or maybe you want to see an art show. Paris also has a wide variety of museums. Whether you enjoy history, art, science, etc., Paris has something to see. To find out more about Paris shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs and museums, take a look at our online resources. Paris is just a click away!