Guide Where Is the Clipboard on LG Android for New User

Guide Where Is the Clipboard on LG Android for New User

For old users, of course, where is the clipboard on LG android is certainly not a problem anymore. However, for new users this is quite a problem because it is quite difficult to find.

Clipboard is one of the important things to have on Android. Without it you will find it difficult to do various things, one of which is copy and paste images, text, or anything else.

If you don’t know how to access the clipboard on an LG Android phone then you won’t be able to copy and paste quickly. But you need to rewrite the things you want to input on the phone keyboard.

Not only that, because there are many other benefits that you can get by knowing where is the clipboard on LG android. Curious about anything? see the information that has been summarized in detail below.

What Is The Meaning Of Keyboard In Android Phone?

As mentioned several times above, the function of the clipboard is to temporarily save the copied text and then paste it elsewhere. However, before that you also need to know what the clipboard that you usually use on Android is.

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In this discussion of where is the clipboard on LG android, the clipboard is a temporary storage area on android where you store data for a while starting from text, images, and other data.

In fact, on Samsung phones, screenshots taken and images copied are also included in the clipboard. With the clipboard you don’t have to go back and forth from one application to another to copy one by one writing.

This feature first appeared on computers, precisely in typing software, namely Microsoft Word. Then over time and the development of clipboard technology is finally present in Android to facilitate your activities.

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Where Is The Clipboard On LG Android?

Then, the next question is where is the clipboard on LG android and how to access it. We will discuss this in this sub-discussion, therefore, read carefully so that nothing is missed.

On android, the clipboard is located in the storage and memory area located on the taskbar. You can easily access the area directly, but you can also use it by long-pressing an empty text field.

Then a clipboard will appear that you can use to copy and paste text and images from one place to another. You can imagine that if you don’t have this feature, you will really find it difficult to do many things.

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How To Find Things Stored On LG?

The next problem is that there are still many LG users who don’t know how to find the data they have copied on the clipboard. This is because the clipboard is not placed in a position that is easy to see.

To find where is the clipboard on LG android you have to again long press on an empty text box and then click on the clipboard menu. After that, the clipboard will immediately appear and you can paste commands on the items that you copied earlier.

Best Keyboard Applications For You

Best Keyboard Applications For You

However, to make it even easier, you can use a keyboard application that you can get from the Playstore. Here are some applications that we recommend for you include:

  1. Swiftkey keyboard

This application is one of the applications developed by Swiftkey with a size of only 14 MB. SwiftKey allows users to quickly access stickers and GIFs in a toolbar as well as many other interesting features.

  1. Gboard

This keyboard application was developed by Google with a size of 25 MB. Users can type faster by sliding their finger from letter to letter, emoji browsing, GIFs, and multilingual typing.

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In addition, Gboard also offers handwriting, text dictation, Google Translate, and supports multiple languages ​​with more than 60 languages ​​in the world.

  1. Flexy

This keyboard application created by Thingthing has a size of 32 MB. Fleksy provides AI-powered emoji features, GIFs, and stickers. In addition, Fleksy also provides more than 50 themes and users can also customize the theme.

When using the application you can more easily find the location of the clipboard on the LG phone. That way no more users ask where is the clipboard on LG android.