How to Open Tif Files on Android with Simple and Easy Way

How to Open Tif Files on Android with Simple and Easy Way

When downloading files, you must have come across different file formats, one of which is tif, but there are still many people who don’t know how to open tif files on android. For those of you who want to know, see our discussion below.

The development of technology is increasingly giving rise to a lot of information in the digital world. One that we often encounter is the image file format which is numerous and follows where the image is downloaded.

Surely you have found that there are several image formats that you usually download on the internet. The most commonly used formats are jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif, raw, pdf, tiff, and many others.

The format in the image has its own function and use. Therefore you should know the difference between these image formats before knowing how to open tif files on android.

Frequently Used Image Formats

There are several types of image formats that are often used which we will also discuss in the discussion of how to open tif files on android. Among them are jpg and jpeg, png, bmp, gif, tiff, heiff, and many others. Here’s an explanation of some of them:

  1. Jpeg and jpg

Jpg stands for joint photography experts group or jpeg is a raster image format with lossy compression, which is a flat image or all edits are saved in one layer (cannot be reversed).

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The jpeg format is usually used for storing images in digital and printing cameras, which doesn’t require you to do a lot of editing. This image format also does not support transparency.

  1. png

Png stands for portable network graphics is an image format of the raster type with lossless compression, which means that the original data quality will be maintained even though it has been compressed.

As a result, PNG is of higher quality than JPEG, with good detail and color contrast. PNG files can also maintain transparency which is very suitable formake logo.

The PNG file format is also optimized for digital use, supporting more colors than the GIF format, which is up to 16 million colors, while GIF supports only 256 colors.

  1. gif

The next image format is gif which stands for graphics interchange format. Unlike other image formats, gif is an image that can move by presenting 8 bits per pixel and displaying 256 colors.

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This means that GIF has a less sharp quality than other raster formats. In comparison, JPEGs can render up to 24-bit per pixel, which provides 16,777,216 color variations.

What is Tiff or Tif Format?

What is Tiff or Tif Format

The image format commonly used next in the discussion of how to open tif files on android is tiff or tif. Tiff means tagged image file format that supports lossy, but most people usually use tiff as lossless. Tiff and tif are the same format, only the acronyms and extensions are different.

TIFF file format is usually used for printing because of its high quality. A large number of scanner devices also use the TIFF format to maintain the quality of the scanned image or document.

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With the TIFF format, you can retain multiple layers so you can edit the image further. But of course there are consequences, namely larger file sizes, therefore this type of format is very suitable for use in the printing world.

How to Open Tif Files on Android

How to Open Tif Files on Android

Then, the next discussion is how to open tif files using Android. In general, tif files cannot be automatically supported by commonly used browsers when downloaded.

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You have to install an add-on or extension to render the tif file in a web browser, or you can open the file using an editing file that you can download from an application provider service such as the Playstore.

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Almost all editing applications on Android are able to properly read tif files and of course open the file. You can use canva, adobe express, vsco. Snapseed, picsart, and many others.

This discussion can certainly help you to open all kinds of file formats available. One of them is how to open tif files on android precisely and easily using an application from the playstore.