Tips on How to Get Hold Music on Android with A Simple Way

Tips on How to Get Hold Music on Android with A Simple Way – There are still many people who do not know how to get hold music on android properly and correctly. In fact, its existence is one of the things that is important for everyone to have.

Smartphones are one of the gadgets that have become a mandatory requirement for someone to have. Starting from children to parents, almost all of them understand and are good at using smartphones.

Various smartphone brands have sprung up from large manufacturers to even small manufacturers. They are competing to produce the best mobile phone products for use in all your activities.

Uses of Smartphone In Our Daily Activities

This is one of the benefits of this gadget, which makes it easier for us to do everything. Almost everything we can do only through your smartphone, starting from buying food, studying, and also working.

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One of the features possessed by this gadget is the phone feature. With this feature you can connect with friends, family and girlfriends who are far away, both outside the city and abroad.

When you make a call, before connecting with the person you are calling, there will be a dial tone which is often boring. The way to overcome this is to install hold music.

However, it is proven that not many people know how to get hold music on android. Therefore, if you want to find out, you can listen to the discussion that we provide in full below.

What is Hold Music?

Although it doesn’t seem too important, actually hold on music on Android has many benefits that you couldn’t get before. However, it is better if you know in advance what hold on music is exactly.

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Without a song or music while waiting in a hold line it will be very boring, and you will not hear anything other than silence. However, by using music on hold you can listen to songs that can certainly make the waiting process less pronounced.

Benefits of Using Hold Music On Android

Benefits of Using Hold Music On Android

Not only that, how to get hold music on android is also important because waiting for the phone to be picked up can be unpleasant. Even if you wait too long, you may feel frustrated.

This feature is commonly used in busy corporate call centers and there is no longer a customer service willing to answer your calls. When this happens you will automatically enter the hold line to wait for one of the customer service to answer your call.

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This is done by a company because of course they want to always provide the best service to consumers. If a call from a consumer is simply rejected, it is unlikely that the consumer will return to buy the product.

Well, almost all companies overcome this by entering the caller into a hold line. Interestingly, you can also use this feature on your smartphone or Android. How to? Here are easy ways how to get hold music on android.

What is the name of the application that can save music on android ?

  1. 4Shared App
    This application in addition to providing the highest quality songs, it also has a feature so you can download photos, videos, and even e-books for free.
  2.  Spotify.
    Spotify has the results of song downloads with clear quality. And there is also the latest and most complete podcast streaming feature.
  3. Joxx
    This application can download quickly. But you have to pay a subscription to get more hits and complete songs.
  4. Resso App
    The Resso application is a newly released application, this application simply provides a large music database as well as new features that are constantly being developed so as not to be left behind, such as the lyrics feature that can be accessed in real-time.
  5. Deezer App
    Deezer is a complete application. Here you can find songs from all over the world. However, this application is not free, you must subscribe to a premium account to be able to try the service.
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Simple Ways on How to Get Hold Music on Android

There are several ways you can do if you want to use hold music on Android. However, it will be easier to use applications that you can download on the playstore.

First step:

  1. The first way is that you can download the music application on the playstore which has a hold music setting.
  2. Then in the application you can make settings for what music you will choose to hold music.
  3. In addition, you can also add speech or voice recordings to be used as hold music.

Second way:

  1. The second way is to use a feature on phone calls which is commonly called “call forwarding”.
  2. With this feature you can set your phone to forward all calls to other numbers.
  3. The number can be a voicemail or answering service that you have set up to become hold music.
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Although more often used by companies in running their business. But you can still use it by knowing how to get hold music on android properly and correctly.