How to Get Crying Filter on Instagram

How to Get Crying Filter on Instagram

Hello everyone today I will show you how to use crying filter on Instagram and TikTok. Before continuing with the video, you can support me, share this article on social media so that everyone knows the filter for this crying application.

Let’s start, as you know the crying filter is not available on instagram. So we will have to use snapchat. We enter google play store to download snapchat or check if it is up to date.

Now we type SnapChat in the search bar. Here, if the application is installed on your device like me and has an update, update it. If you don’t have the snapchat app on your device, download it.

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Crying Filter on Instagram & TikTok

Crying Filter on Instagram & TikTok

If you are using snapchat for the first time you need to create an account before logging in. Don’t worry, the account creation process is not difficult.

Now we open snapchat then we click on the smiley face icon to the right of the circle where we took photos and videos. As you can see, my device has a crying filter.

To add the filter all we need to do is click on explore at the bottom right. Then we write crying in the search bar. Here we see multiple filters. The filter we have to click on is the one released by snapchat.

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Now we can use the filter if you couldn’t reach the filter by typing in the search bar i left the link of the filter in the description section. You can click there to get it. Remember, you have to hold down the record button to take a video.

After recording your video you can upload your video to Tiktok. We have come to the end of our video. I hope this post helped your problem.

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