Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Best Accessories Review 2022 case keyboards

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Best Accessories Review 2022 (Cases, Keyboards, and More)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Best Accessories Review 2022 – What’s going on youtube my name is zach with android digest and today i want to talk about the samsung galaxy tab s8. And i want to talk about cases and other accessories for the tablet so i’ve got four different cases from four different brands and i’ve even got a samsung case right here and that’s the samsung book cover and i’ve also got two of my favorite bluetooth keyboards i’ve got a samsung bluetooth keyboard and also a logitech bluetooth keyboard.

I’ve also got some screen protector recommendations just from my experience and even some sd card recommendations so with all that being said let’s get started and let’s find out the best accessories for the tab s8.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Best Accessories Review 2022 (Cases, Keyboards, and More)

All right so the first thing i want to talk about is this samsung case right here and i should mention that all accessory links are in the description. So if you want to buy anything check out those links but here we have a samsung book cover now this is extremely lightweight it actually magnetizes to the back of the tablet it does come in multiple different colors.

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Samsung galaxy Tab s8 Keyboards

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Best Accessories Review 2022 Keyboards

So if you don’t like this color there are multiple options out there all you have to do is just line up the case with the back of the tablet and whenever you do that it does actually magnetize to the tablet it’s very similar to the book cover keyboard. In that way and once you actually look on the inside of the case you could actually pull apart this device and you could see the bottom part it comes unmagnetized so that part is a little bit easier to take out and it magnetizes to these two slots right here for two different angles and when you do close it.

Samsung galaxy Tab s8 case

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Best Accessories Review 2022 case

It does magnetically close so that’s really really nice and again super super lightweight now it’s not going to really protect a lot on the sides now if you did drop it on the side this little part of the book cover. It does stick out a little bit so if you do drop it most likely you’re not going to damage the sides of your tablet but if you had a rock or something weird poking out it could poke out this does not have bumpers on the sides of this case so of course your tablet could be a little bit compromised.

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If you’re not careful now one of the negatives of this case is that the s pin is not protected so if you put your s pin right here you could knock it out if you’re not careful but samsung did think of that so you can actually put your s pin right here. On the inside and that is a big benefit it does magnetize there you can close it shut.

So the s pin will not go anywhere this case also gives you very easy access to your fingerprint sensor which of course is in your power button so overall this is a very great case it feels like almost leather on the outside it does feel very very premium.

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And the only real downfall of this case is of course that it’s not quite as protective as some other cases but also the fact that the s pin. If you want to charge it you do have to put it here and if you forget about it again you could knock it out if you’re not careful. But if you want a very thin case a case that feels very very premium and if you want one of the lightest cases.

That you’re going to find out there this is definitely going to be it this really is honestly one of my favorite cases and i really really like it now there is another casemaker called timovo. And they are a case maker that honestly decided just to copy this case and i’m not saying they literally tried to copy it but this is almost identical to that samsung case.

So i got it in blue again it does have different colors but you can see right here the s pen is not protected you could see here there are two magnetic slots on the bottom so the bottom of this tablet here especially with this right here.

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The little keyboard pins they will magnetize to this case you’ll have two different viewing angles just like the samsung case. When you close this case it’s also protected again it’s magnetized just like the samsung case now the magnets aren’t quite as strong on it so you could see there’s just a slight amount of wiggle on the case but still this will stay shut in most situations so you could really take everything that i said about.

The samsung case and apply it to this just keep in mind that it’s made of a little bit of different materials they feel slightly less premium. But it still feels very very close to the samsung case so if you are wanting a cheaper alternative compared to the samsung case and you don’t mind just taking one step down.

In the quality of materials this is a pretty good case overall now some of you might want something that’s a little more heavy duty and for a long time. I’ve been recommending a lot of poetic cases I’ll put links in the descriptions for those because there are some great cases out there that are very.

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Very large and very very bulky there are cases that come with screen protectors built in and there’s some good reputable ones that i will make sure to link in the description but this spigen case is very very unique. Because it’s almost a middle ground between very protective and also very lightweight so you have this plastic part of the case that just fits around the device.

So the good news is you do still have a nice bumper around the device so the device is very well protected if you drop it but this case isn’t extremely bulky. it doesn’t have two separate pieces that are really large and snaps together nothing like that it’s just a nice little bumper around the case and you have this little book cover part that just goes over the top of it.

Now if you take a close look at this case one thing you’re going to see is that this case does a great job of securing the s-pen you’ve got little plastic tabs right here that stick out.