Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Keyboard Cover Review 2022

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Keyboard Cover Review – Today i’m going to be reviewing the keyboard cover for the samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra. So let’s get it started so this keyboard cover it does start out at $350 and that might seem like a very high price and honestly it is. But i will say that some of you are going to find some pretty good deals on this keyboard cover.

I’m sure that samsung will package it with the tablet it self to provide some deals for those people. There’s also educational discounts and I’m sure this will go on sale over time as well. Now if you do find this keyboard cover and it’s not on sale and if you find it for three hundred and fifty dollars i still think that you should still consider buying it.

Design overview

Because if you spend over one thousand dollars on your tablet it might be worth spending a little bit more money to actually enjoy it. But I do still feel like there are some cons to this keyboard cover and that means some of you might not want to buy it.

So let’s start off by talking about the two different pieces of this case. First you have this right here this is actually magnetic once you magnetize this to the back of your tablet you’re gonna find that it’s actually really nice because it does have this little kickstand here.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Keyboard Cover Review 2022 1

It has so many different cool positions, this is very similar to the detachable keyboard from the tab s7 plus so the keyboard here it actually attaches to the bottom of your tablet with these magnets here. So it’s really nice that you don’t always have to have both of these connected at the same time.

Now let’s talk about the keyboard for a minute on the top of this tablet you have all these function keys and that’s awesome because you can actually control brightness. You can actually control the keyboard’s brightness because this does have backlighting and you can control that right from the keyboard you can go into samsung decks so there’s all these different things that you could do with the keyboard cover right from this top row of keys.

Using this on my lap

The keys are also a little bit bigger than the keyboard from the tab s7 plus and that’s. Because this is a larger screen on the tablet of course because the Tab S8 ultra is 14.6 inches. So if you’re trying to fit a keyboard cover to that of course it’s going to be a little bit bigger. Now that’s a pro and a con because if you try to fit this on your lap it’s going to be very very hard for me personally.

I can fit it in one or two positions on the kickstand but i don’t have a lot of wiggle room now some of you that are a little bit taller might not have that issue i am six foot tall and i still have issues using this on my lap. Sometimes now again i can’t use it on my lap i just can’t adjust it a lot but a lot of you bought your tablet because you want a huge keyboard.

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And this keyboard it is very very nice it is very large and it feels in a lot of ways like a laptop keyboard. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s very thin this keyboard is super thin and that’s good and bad it’s good because you could travel with it and that’s why they made it so thin.

They wanted this to be thin and lightweight just like the tablet so if you bring this on the go you don’t have to carry around something big and bulky. But on the other end i really do wish they put a little more weight to this i wish they made it a little bit bigger.

Because there’s not a ton of travel on the keys the key travel feels very similar to the Tab S7 plus keyboard and that’s not a terrible thing but if i do use this on a table. The travel it does feel very very thin now I did notice one minor issue with this keyboard cover and that was accidental trackpad. Clicks now it was only making the noises it wasn’t accidentally clicking on the screen at least very often.

Now all you have to do is apply a little bit of pressure here and here to the left and right of the trackpad and if you put your wrist down on it maybe to rest your wrist while you’re typing. If you do that while this is on your lap you could accidentally click the trackpad now I noticed that it really did depend if i was sitting on a recliner or if I was sitting on the sofa it really depended on the angle of the kickstand.

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And if you’re just messing with the trackpad with one hand and you do accidentally make a click it will actually register that click on the screen because you had your finger on the trackpad. Now that’s a minor thing a lot of people are not going to point that out I don’t think it’s something that’s going to affect a lot of you because again you can change this based on how you position the keyboard.

The kickstand and you can also change this based on if you use this on your lap or on a desk but i really don’t think a lot of you should let that negativity bring you down. Because if you look at the totality of what this keyboard cover provides it does provide an improved trackpad. That is very very nice if you compare it to the trackpad in the Tab S7 plus again it’s very improved.

I’m not sure if it’s glass but it sure does feel premium the keys also feel more premium than the keys in the Tab S7 plus that keyboard cover was very very nice.

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Tab S7 Plus detachable keyboard comparison

But again these keys i don’t know what it is they have about the same travel but they do feel more premium in this keyboard so this does feel like a good upgraded model over the tab s7 plus keyboard. You do have backlighting which is something a lot of us have been asking for you have a more spacious keyboard which is really really nice you have a improved trackpad improved keys.

The only real downsides to this keyboard cover number one it’s gonna be the travel of the keys some of you if you could buy a Bluetooth keyboard on the side you would get more travel from the keys but if you do that of course you’re gonna lose the portability of this so you have to decide do you want a portable keyboard.

With less travel or do you want something with more travel that’s something you’re gonna have to decide and outside of not having a lot of travel there’s really not a lot to dislike about this keyboard cover.

Those accidental clicks on the trackpad aren’t really gonna do anything unless you’re actually using the trackpad while you make that accidental click. And a lot of you can avoid those anyway it’s not something that has to happen all the time.

Unless again you’re using this on your lap 24 7. so the cons to this device are very minor but i think the biggest con of all is simply the price 350 dollars so if you’re out there and you see this and you’re asking yourself is it worth it it really just depends on the person if you like a lot of the pros that i was talking about maybe you had the keyboard cover from the tab s7 plus.

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You notice that the keys feel a little bit better that the trackpad does feel better hey this might seem like a good upgrade in a keyboard cover worth buying this keyboard cover has a lot to like about it. Now if you’re someone that doesn’t have a lot of money I think that’s okay that’s an understandable con right $350 is a lot of money and if you’re that person.

I recommend buying this

I don’t think you need to stress it you could find a good case for thirty dollars forty dollars and even if you go premium you could. Find a seventy dollar case and then you could pair it with a great Bluetooth keyboard for fifty dollars or even a hundred dollars and you’ll still save a lot of money compared to the whole package. Here but if they are offering a deal on this keyboard cover maybe you see it on sale or maybe they’re packaging it with the tablet itself.

I think this keyboard cover is absolutely great as long as you’re okay with the minor compromises so hopefully this post has helped you I really hope you liked it please give me a like if you did and also give me a sub that would mean a lot to my website.