Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Should You Preorder the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8? (After Galaxy Unpacked)

Should You Preorder the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8?  Today I want to give you my thoughts on the Galaxy Tab S8 and the S8 plus and the S8 ultra. And I want to give you my thoughts on if you should pre-order those devices.

Because we just had that galaxy unpacked event right and it shared a lot of details about those devices. And now those devices are available for pre-orders. So if you do check the links in the description I do have links to Samsung’s website and best buy as well so feel free to check those out of course they do support my website but in reality, I just want to help you make a good decision.

Should You Preorder the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8?

I want to help you think through the implications of these devices and what they are and if they are worth considering especially for a normal consumer. So with all that being said let’s get straight into my thoughts about these devices.

Tab S8 vs Tab S8 Plus Comparisons

Tab S8 vs Tab S8 Plus

And yeah let’s get it going so the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and the S8 plus. You need to know those devices are almost identical to last year’s models. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t pre-order those devices right because there are incredible deals on those devices that I’m going to get into right. But if you look at the tab S8 and you look at the tab s7 okay there are not a lot of differences between those two devices.

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So the tab s7 it’s gonna have about the same resolution and a lot of the specs are going to be nearly identical okay 120 hertz you’re going to get a non-AMOLED display of the fingerprint sensor. On the tab S8, it is, of course, the same as the tab s7 and as far as cases go the tab S8 well again it can fit all the same cases from the tab s7 so you have a lot of things that are identical with those devices.

And the same thing with the tab S8 plus and the tab seven-plus again you have identical specs as far as things like the battery and the resolution and the 120 hertz and all those different things right they’re going to be identical.

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Keyboard cases Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

If you look at the keyboard cases okay this is a very important thing that you need to know the keyboard cases will also work the same keyboard case from tab s7 works on the tab s8.

The same keyboard case from the tab s7 plus will work on the tab s8 plus, however, one important thing you need to know is that the keyboard case that Samsung is giving away for free. So if you’re watching this video and the pre-order dates are still up as long as these devices have not been released at least as of now.

They are giving away free keyboard cases if you pre-order these devices but the keyboard cases they are giving away. So they are slim keyboard cases and they do not have a trackpad and they do not cover up your spin and those two things might be a very big deal to you so instead it covers up the s pen on the inside.

But not on the outside so that’s one thing you need to keep in mind with what they give you for free but even though we have all those things the same.

4 Years Software Updates

Two things are exciting about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and the tab s8 plus and when we look at it we first have to know that. These devices will come with four years of software updates that are better than google pixel phones at least as of now.

Four years of big operating system updates, not just security patches bravo Samsung and not only that they are spreading that four years of updates to the s21 and the z flip 3 and the z fold 3. And a lot of older devices like that however you will still only get three years of updates on the tab s7 at least from what I’ve heard that is one big reason to upgrade to the tab s8 or the s8 plus or the s8 ultra.

Processor Upgrades

But another thing that you really need to consider is also the processor now the processor as far as speed goes. It’s going to be pretty similar to the snapdragon that we saw last year it’s not going to be a huge bump up okay but you are going to get a decent bump up in performance but you’re also going to get better GPU performance.

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And if you don’t know what that is you just need to know that the graphics are going to be better so things like games and other things like that that use heavy graphics those things are going to perform better on this device.

Now those are the two big upgrades right but I still think you should consider pre-ordering either of these and it’s really the reason that I talked about in my previous video where I was speculating about a lot of this stuff.

Epic Trade in Deals

Because sure enough Samsung came through with some epic trade and deals okay so they are giving five hundred dollars if you trade in the galaxy tab s7 fe they’re giving 550 if you trade in the tab s7.

And they are giving 600 dollars if you trade in the tab seven-plus again that’s as of making this video I’m sure those things can eventually change but those things are incredible and here’s why let’s say you don’t have a tab s7 or you don’t have a tab s7fe.

How to get a better deal?

I just bought one on ebay for 350. and then i’m gonna go trade it in for five hundred dollars you can do that too by the way if you go on ebay find one in good condition. Find one that you make sure it doesn’t have any cracks or anything make sure the seller is reputable make sure to test it out but if you do that that is a great way to save money even if you don’t have those devices now another thing.

That’s really awesome is they are giving great educational discounts so if you do use the educational discount. They will give you over a hundred dollars off i think it’s like 120 it does depend on what model you get and everything like that but they are giving an excellent amount of money off those tablets.

So those are two really awesome ways you could save money on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and the s8 plus and even the s8 ultra right so when you factor in all those trade-ins i would say these are incredible devices to consider buying another very important.

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Thing again they are giving a free keyboard case with the device so let’s say you don’t want the keyboard case you could flip it on ebay for 50 bucks or a hundred bucks and then you take that off of the price maybe you flip it on facebook marketplace or something like that.

But after all of that you’re going to come out way ahead especially if you take advantage of the trade-in you take advantage of that keyboard case or maybe you decide to use the keyboard case for yourself now for me personally. I already have the tab s7 i’m just going to use my keyboard case from the tab s7 use it on the tab s8 but either way i’d say there’s not a lot of differences.

But the differences that are there are good and if you could trade in a device that’s one year old or you could just buy one on ebay. You can get a heck of a deal on these samsung tablets now there.

S-pen latency (lower on the S8 Plus/Ultra)

Is one other thing i forgot to mention i guess that is the s pen lane c it’s a little bit lower on the tab s8 plus so that’s another thing to consider it’s not lower on the tab s8 only the tab s8 plus or the s8 ultra so if we switch over to the s8 ultra.

You might be wondering should i jump up and go to the behemoth of tablets should i spend 1 000 on an android tablet and honestly. If i’m giving my truthful advice again i make money on affiliate links if you click my links that does help support my site. But i got to keep it real and say most of you should not get Tab S8 ultra and let me tell you why so the tab s8 ultra okay.

It starts out at one thousand and ninety nine dollars now let’s think about what you can get for over a thousand dollars. You can get a dell xps laptop you can get some of the best laptops out there you can get not only the base model of a surface laptop you could. Get an incredible surface laptop you could get the surface pro 7 plus that comes with the keyboard case for like 800 bucks.

it’s almost always on sale at best buy for that so you could get a full windows device that has all access to all windows programs that’s an excellent tablet with a great screen with the fingerprint reader. And the works you could get an iPad pro of course and all these other devices so when you think of an android tablet why in the world would you spend that much money on an android tablet.

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When you could get some of the best laptops that are out there that have 360 hinges you can get some of the best devices out so why get an android tablet for that money I think a lot of you I think the majority of you should not get an android tablet for over a thousand dollars.

Mainly because it’s just not a good value but on the other end there are some people out there some techies who just hate android and they’re gonna tell you that no one should get Tab S8 ultra. Because it’s such a stupid purchase and i think that’s also really dumb as well so the tab S8 ultra. It is a huge device 14.6 inches so the only real difference i’m seeing in this and the tab s8 plus is really just an extra camera and you have a little notch there too but you do have an extra camera and that extra camera helps.

With different things like face tracking i know i can move the camera around if you have multiple people in the shot to focus on that other person so outside of that i don’t see a lot of big improvements over the tab s8 ultra compared to the Tab sa plus so mainly you’re just paying for screen size and that’s not something to laugh at or really to downplay if you look at something like.

A backlit keyboard (free)

The keyboard case the keyboard case has backlighting for example the keyboard case that they are going to give you for free if you pre-order this they’re going to give you the full-on keyboard case that has a trackpad that has a backlit keyboard so all of those things are pretty awesome to see in the tab s8 ultra so they’re giving you a lot for your money if you pre-order it of course because then you get over a 300 keyboard case for free but who should even consider spending that much money on a huge tablet like that well there’s a lot of you who love art.

And you love drawing you’re using the s pen all the time and the bigger the canvas you get the better if that is you then yes I absolutely think you should consider this device so if you’re someone who doesn’t need anything windows based you’re someone.

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Who wants an incredible tablet and you want it to be a very large size over 14 inches and you do a lot of digital art well you are the type of person that this device was made for a 14.6 inch screen is amazing for watching content it’s going to be great if you just need a huge screen to scroll.

The news and do stuff like that so there are a lot of reasons that you should consider Tab S8 ultra if you consider the s8 ultra one thing you need to know is that it’s a huge screen and that means that.

There are some android apps there are a lot of android apps in fact that are not optimized for tablets so what they do is they take a phone app and then they blow it up now there’s a little bit of a problem there.

If you decide to blow up an app and you decide to make it bigger on something like the Tab S8 you’re not really going to notice a big difference but when you go up to the s8 plus it’s a little more noticeable. When you’re stretching everything out on a bigger screen and of course if you go up to a 14.6 inch screen everything’s going to be very very stretched out and it won’t look quite as good now the good news is android 12l is a new operating system that.

They are working on google is working on it it will come to this tablet and that will help out with some of these things right they are working on their operating system to make things look better for tablets but that’s not here right now so a lot of apps aren’t going to be really good on a huge tablet like this and when we consider other stuff lumafusion.

For example that’s a video editing app and good news it is coming to android but that’s gonna come to the tab s7 that’s gonna come to Chromebooks even right so it’s not a huge update just for galaxy tablets. It’s also a video editor that’s gonna come to all different types of devices so when we consider if it’s worth it for the s8 ultra what are you getting.