7 Applications for Selling Photos for Money

7 Applications for Selling Photo Earn Money – Did you know that stock photos on your cellphone can generate CUAN? In today’s digital era, making money can be done in various ways, one of which is by selling photos online.

There are many websites on the internet that can help you sell photos. With the help of this application, your photo collection can be sold.

As recently as viral, namely Ghozaly Everyday who earns billions of Rupiah only sells Selfie Photos of himself through one of the 7 applications below. Curious what application is used by Gozali Everyday!! Check out the explanation below.

7 Applications for Selling Photos for Money

7 Applications for Selling Photos for Money

Currently, there are many applications that you can use to sell photos. So, you don’t have to bother choosing an app to try to sell your photos.

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We have selected several apps or sites that are definitely safe for you to try.

1. Shutterstock

The first is Shutterstock? An international platform can connect your photos with buyers from abroad. So, the reach to sell photos is wider.

This application is the largest online photo selling place, with a transaction value of more than 1 M Dollars in the last 15 years or so.

Even transactions in Indonesia itself, it is recorded that the data on buying and selling photos on Shutterstock increases by approximately 50% every year. Amazing!

2. Adobe Stock

The term Adobe is very familiar with the world of design, graphics, visuals, and the like, right?

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The main advantage of the platform, which was previously called Fotolia, is its integration with various Adobe tools. For example, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, and other Adobe applications.

Featured Features of this application: This application already has a big name, Automatic integration with various other Adobe tools, Upload stock photos, Can be via Adobe Lightroom, Contributor Dashboard for uploading and setting photos, There is already a photo optimization facility, Is one of the applications with biggest royalty.

3. Aplikasi OpenSea

The OpenSea application is an application used by Gozaly Everyday which earns billions of rupiah. This site or app sells NFT photos. Please note that this OpenSea application is a marketplace that sells digital assets such as artwork, clips, photos, game items and many others.

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Want to know in more detail how Ghozaly Everyday sells its NFT photos, please try Downloading or Downloading and installing it on your cellphone.

4. iStockphoto.com

You must register in the Getty Images application during contributor registration. And How to Sell Photos on Istockphoto? You must first download the contributor application via Getty Images via the App Store or Google Play store below.

5. Alamy

Then there is the Alamy application, this application which already has customers from one hundred and seventy-three countries regularly adds up to 100,000 images per day.

The royalties earned are up to 50%, it’s no wonder the Alamy application has entered the ranks of online photo selling platforms with fantastic fees.

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6. Aplikasi foap

The foap application can also be used to sell your photo collection, of course, professional photographers will know about this photo selling application.

7. Aplikasi Scoopshot

The last recommendation is that the Scoopshot application can be an alternative to generate CUAN from selling photos online. You can download and install this application via the Play Store.

The Scoopshot application turns out to be in addition to selling photos, it can actually be used to sell your videos.