salmon recipe cajun

Salmon Recipe Cajun Seasoning – Salmon recipe cajun – Easy Frying pan Roasted Cajun Salmon recipe is so simple to prepare therefore tasty! I know you would certainly want it in your list of fast and easy baked salmon dishes. I covered this most popular fish with a yummy Creole seasoning mix.

Salmon recipe cajun, it also consists of lemon zest, and paprika. With just 2 grams of carbohydrates each offering this gluten free salmon recipe is a healthy protein giant. I love cooking salmon for its meaty structure, light preference and because it bakes quickly in under thirty minutes! So healthy and balanced and tasty!

Is baked salmon great for your health and wellness?

Wild captured salmon is considered to be among the world’s healthiest foods because of the wealth of Omega-3 fatty acids, selenium and iodine. Salmon recipe cajun, those aspects maintain your body healthy and balanced by decreasing swelling. The also lower high blood pressure and maintain your thyroid in a good condition. Extremely important!

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Did I mention that this fish healthy protein also very light on calories and carbohydrates? It is the perfect healthy and balanced dish! Incidentally, the calorie and fat content in wild salmon is lower compared to farmed salmon.

Farmed Salmon vs. Wild Salmon

  • Farmed salmon are fed on oil, soybeans, and poultry fat. Did you know that the flesh of farmed salmon is actually grey? To earn it pin, it’s colored by astaxanthin, a produced copy of the pigment that wild salmon consume in nature.
  • Wild salmon on the various other hand obtain their color from consuming krill and shrimp. That is why the flesh of wild salmon is normally orange/pink. This reddish-orange substance found in krill and shrimp.

Is salmon better with skin or without skin?

  • All of us know that salmon has plenty of healthy and balanced fats, but did you know that a lot of those are actually kept in the skin? Omega-3’s are known to assist prevent cardiac arrest, improve mind health and wellness in infants, and decrease swelling. They are found in the salmon’s fat and obtain taken in by the skin throughout food preparation. Thus the skin is a great resource of these beneficial Omega-3 fats.
  • Salmon Recipe Cajun : another benefit of having actually the skin on is that the skin will help the meat keep its moisture as it cooks.
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Is salmon high in mercury?

Thankfully, mercury degrees in Salmon are amongst the most affordable found! Therefore consuming a great deal of salmon will NOT put you at the risk of mercury poisoning at all :). But are you aware why? Because salmon moves upstream to the fresh waters, far from polluted sea waters, in purchase to lay eggs. Consequently, salmon invests a considerable component of its life outside the sea, building up lower degrees of mercury.

What is that white stuff oozing from your salmon while it is food preparation?

It is a fish’s interior healthy protein, called “albumin”. This coagulated healthy protein is perfectly safe to consume. As you cook your salmon, its muscle fibers contract, triggering it to wring out the fish’s interior healthy protein. I find it to be quite delicious and used to think that it was fat, not a healthy protein.

Benefits of consuming salmon

Salmon is a healthy protein giant. A 3.5-ounce offering of salmon includes 22-25 grams of top quality healthy protein, which is almost 50% percent of the everyday required consumption of healthy protein. And as a reward, it is a great resource of essential amino acids that advertise healthy and balanced cell development and maintain muscle cells mass.

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Salmon recipe cajun, what’s much more amazing about salmon is that salmon is an outstanding resource of essential vitamins to maintain your body healthy and balanced much longer. It is high in B vitamins, which protect your heart mind and maintain nerve system. Of course, the covering in this recipe is no much less healthy. This bright orange color is packed with minerals and vitamins too!

How to prepare Cajun Seasoning Mix

  1. First, you’ll blend Cajun seasoning and paprika.
  2. Next include garlic and onion powders, as well as black pepper.
  3. You can also use Creole seasoning and routine, smoked, or Chipotle Paprika. Depending upon what type of paprika you use, the color can range from a brilliant orange-red to a deep blood red. And the taste can be anything from mild to bitter and warm.

To earn this baked salmon, you’ll need a dependable stove evidence frying pan, such as this Lodge Professional Reasoning experienced actors iron frying pan.

You can also use a dutch stove skillet or a stainless-steel skillet.

  • First wash salmon and rub it dry.
  • Next include 1 tbsp olive oil to the skillet.
  • Currently place salmon in the skillet skin side down.
  • You’ll scmassage the top surface of salmon with the second tbsp of olive oil. Use your fingers such as I did. Or,
  • use a bread clean.
  • Period salmon with salt.
  • Finally scmassage ready Seasoning Mix right into salmon’s surface.

Top the Cajun Salmon with lemon juice. You will not need a lot, just ¼ of a lemon. I simply cut up my lemon and pressed a quarter of it right over the salmon. Fish and lemon fit very well!

And lemon zest. I used a stainless-steel zester that is very sharp and easy to use! This zester/grater is a various design and is also razor sharp! Besides production lemon zest with it, I use it carefully shred cheese, delicious chocolate and also onions!

Roasting time for Reduced Carbohydrate Salmon

Cook this Cajun Salmon at 425 F for 20-25 mins. Once done, garnish with fresh sliced Parsley. Easy Roasted Cajun Salmon is done! So healthy and delicious!

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Salmon recipe cajun, if you’re a follower of fresh salmon such as we are, I hope you’ll also try our dishes for Pesto Shrimp Fettuccine in Mushroom Garlic Sauce and Shrimp Pasta in Garlic Basil Tomato Sauce. These are perfect for a weeknight supper or for when you have visitors

Salmon Recipe Cajun


  • 1 pound. salmon fillet (skin on, boneless)
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/ tsp salt

Seasoning Mix:

  • 1 tsp Cajun or Creole seasoning
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • Black Pepper to preference
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • Italian parsley (for garnish)
  • 1 tsp great smoky paprika
  • ¼ lemon (zested, juiced)


  • Preheat stove to 425 levels.
  • Blend seasoning mix with each other.
  • Wash salmon and rub dry. Include 1 tbsp olive oil to the skillet and place salmon in the skillet skin side down. Include second tbsp olive oil over the top surface of salmon.
  • Period with salt and scmassage seasoning mix right into salmon’s surface.
  • Top with lemon juice and zest.
  • Cook at 425 for 20-25 mins.
  • Remove from stove, top with parsley and offer with extra lemon zest and garnish with carefully sliced Parsley.
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Make certain to use a great hefty skillet here, such as actors iron and make certain it is a large one too. I used 12 inch Lodge Pro-Logic Experienced Actors Iron Skillet in this recipe – it is well designed, has a assistant handle and sloped sides – very sleek looking for actors iron!

I have various other actors iron skillets, but prefer this because of its dimension (it is huge with much more space because of its sloped sides), salmon recipe cajun, it also never ever sticks or fallen leaves strange black dots on meat such as various other actors iron skillets do. And it is among my most used kitchen area devices!