Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - HANDS ON VIEW

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Price in India

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Price in India – So while the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the next high-profile handset everyone is looking forward to, there’s one more handset that deserves your attention and it’s the Galaxy S21 FE. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Release Date I mean Samsung postponed the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Price in India from January to February, just to make some room for the S21 FE.

Galaxy Samsung is optimistic about this handset as the latest report mentions that they are aiming to sell at least 9 million units of this Fan Edition handset and since it’s launching just a month earlier than the S22 makes me believe that Samsung will price this very competitively to give people a reason to buy the S21 FE over a much better Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Price in India

With that said, we have quite a lot of info about the handset starting with the hands-on images. This Twitter user somehow got the S21 FE and as you can see, the design is virtually identical to that of the Galaxy S21. Samsung has retained the same rear camera bump that stretches to the edge of the device, and from the front as well you cannot really tell it apart from the S21.

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samsung galaxy s21 fe 5g price in india

Unlike last year’s FE, the S21 FE neither has a headphone jack nor a MicroSD card slot, so it’s not really a fan edition handset in my opinion. Speaking of a headphone jack, Samsung has begun removing the headphone jack from their midrange devices as well as upcoming Galaxy A53, A33, A73, and more will not have a headphone jack. So not really surprising to see it go from the FE as well. Anyway, since you can actually buy parts of the S21 FE from a supplier in Europe, ConceptCreator purchased the back panel of the S21 FE again giving us a better idea of how it’s going to look in real life. And it confirms that the back panel is made from plastic which shouldn’t be a big surprise.

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Now, some might wonder, what are the differences between the S21 and S21 FE? Well, the Fe has a bigger screen than the S21, a bigger battery than the S21 and even though the number of cameras is the same, the configuration is different. The S21 FE is definitely a better device than the S21 but like I’ve said the success of this handset solely depends on how aggressively they price this handset, otherwise people should just get a much better S22. With that said, Google was rumored to launch their foldable smartphone alongside the Pixel 6 but that didn’t happen.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Release Date

We got reports that the handset has been delayed to 2022. Now, Ross Young confirms that Google has canceled the launch of the Pixel Fold. Apparently, Google doesn’t think the device is competitive enough to go head to head with Samsung’s Galaxy Z series phones. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Release Date, The cost was another concern, even with inferior hardware, the price was way more than the Z Fold 3 and that’s the reason for the cancelation which sucks, to be honest as the foldable segmented would have benefited a lot by the inclusion of a giant like Google. Anyway let me know what do you think down in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow…peace out

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