Best Forex Broker

TOP 3 Best Forex Broker for US 2021

Hello and welcome to our look at the three best forex brokers for us clients. There is no particular order to the three and in the way I’m looking at them I’m just going to compare and contrast uh some of the advantages.

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Many individuals find the forex market among the easiest monetary markets to begin to profession. You simply need to open an account with an on the internet broker and down payment some money as a margin to start trading moneys. To select the best forex broker to profession forex with, you need to do some in advance research to determine which is most appropriate for your experience degree and requirements. Since not all online brokers take U.S.-based investors,

TOP 3 Best Forex broker for US 2021

1. IG: IG’s web trading platform

So, the first one is IG now ig is probably not as familiar to most Americans because it’s only been in the states for a couple of years. Now it’s been in existence for roughly 45 years coming out of the united kingdom highly regulated.

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There’s nothing wrong with using them because of the new kid on the block they have more than enough uh capital backing them. They have like I said almost five decades of experience. It’s just they recently entered the U.S. markets. So, as far as reputation is concerned they have a great reputation they’re just a little unknown in the us. it self.

They pride themselves on lower spreads then some of the bigger players in the united states you can see the minimum. And then the average spread uh customer service they’re they’re known for that as well easy to get a hold of you can like go to the help section and there’s a big faq.

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You know there’s contact us you can narrow down the query and you can follow the very very uh various options that they have there are ways to get a hold of them. Through social media but there’s also phone numbers new existing clients email you know all of the stuff that you would expect for a professional brokerage.

2. Ameritrade

The next brokerage we’re taking a look at is td Ameritrade. They were recently acquired by charles schwab who obviously is a major wall street firm and that is the major difference with this brokerage firm is that yes you can trade forex through td Ameritrade unless of course you live in Ohio or Arizona there are a couple of local laws.

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That doesn’t sit well with compliance with td Ameritrade I’ve actually talked to them about that in the past never really gotten a straight answer but i do know that it has something to do uh with uh lending laws somehow it got tied in with the payday loans so it’s a kind of a quirk of state laws.

And those two particular states but what really kind of sets this one apart is that there are so many other markets you can trade crypto futures mutual funds stocks options and they’re actually known for stocks and options more than anything else you can see that you know they offer so many different things.

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And finally looking at owned by game capital been around forever good market analysis good education now this is going to have platforms that you’re more more likely to be familiar with the webtrader metatrader web version and for mobile.

You know this is all kind of the usual fare here they do offer ninjatrader. If you come from the futures world you probably like that one quite a bit so click on markets you can do features and futures options that is a segregated account so you can’t do both in the same count you actually kind of have to split them up gold and silver and 4x gold and silver isn’t levered so keep that in mind.

So you can see that the guys at offer five dollar commissions per full lot. With spreads as low as 0.2 they do give monthly cash rebates so that is something to to pay attention to as well if you are follow a fall within the active trader program.

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You’ll notice that there are about 80 pairs, all basically the same that you would see at td ameritrade because they are the white label uh for these guys they actually run a lot of their trading through game capital ig still has the biggest uh variety if you will of currency pairs but there’s plenty to trade here you should have no issues finding some type of trading opportunities.

Market analysis like I said very well researched so you can like click on trending topic and go to china uh brexit which is dyno and finally in europe so you can click on support here.