Download Allstate Insurance APP for ios and android

Download Allstate Insurance APP

About Allstate Insurance –  Allstate Corporation is an American insurance company headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois, near Northbrook since 1967. Founded in 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck and Co., the company was split in 1993. The company also provides insurance for private lines in Canada.

Allstate is a large company, and with 2018 revenue of $39.8 billion, it was ranked 79th on the list of the largest US companies in 2019 by total revenue on the Fortune 500 list. Its current advertising campaign, used since 2004, asked, “Are you in good hands?” uses a previously well-proven advert featuring a rustic-style dwelling carefully held by a pair of supposedly gigantic human hands.

Download Allstate Insurance APP here

Find policy documents from your phone or tablet using the Allstate Mobile app. You can also access a digital copy of your auto insurance ID card, which can be used in states that accept electronic proof of insurance.

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How to Obtain Replicate Car Insurance Documents?

There are 2 ways of acquiring the replicate copy of your car insurance documents – online and offline. The online process involves downloading and install the copy of your plan document while the offline process involves acquiring its hard copy. Both the process is incredibly easy. Since the offline process was being used typically, let’s discuss it first.

Following are the actions to obtain replicate car insurance documents:

Inform Your Car Insurance Provider

The first point that you need to do is to notify your electric motor insurance company about the loss of your car insurance coverage document. Attempt to inform your insurance provider immediately so that the insurance company can begin the process of providing a replicate plan document at the earliest. You can notify your insurance provider by calls them on their claim assistance number or toll-free number. You can also fire them a mail to notify them about the loss. The telecontact number/ toll-free number and the e-mail id can be found on the website of the insurance company.

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File a Authorities FIR

Once you realise that you have shed your car insurance coverage document, you must file an FIR or First Information Record in the nearest police headquarters. Remember to obtain a duplicate of the Authorities FIR as you’ll need to send it for your electric motor insurance company. The FIR acts as an evidence of claim of not having the ability to find your car insurance documents and thus, needs to be sent to obtain your replicate plan documents.

Release a Paper Ad

Besides filing a Authorities FIR, you’ll also need to obtain an ad released in a publication to obtain the replicate copy of your car insurance documents. The ad should be released in a publication that distributes throughout the specify where you shed your plan document. The insurance company will not spend for the cost of publishing the ad. Therefore, maintain the cost in mind while choosing the paper for publishing your advertisement.

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Send Application to Insurance provider

Next, you need to send a composed application for your car insurance company asking for them to issue a replicate copy of your plan document. The application should discuss how you shed your plan documents and should consist of information, such as your name, car insurance coverage number, coverage kind, day of issuance, and so on. Send the hard copy of the application for your insurance provider together with the copy of your registered Authorities FIR.

Obtain an Indemnity Bond

Finally, you need to obtain an indemnity bond made and send it for your car insurance provider to obtain the replicate plan documents. The bond should consist of your complete name and include signatures of 2 witnesses. You’ll need to buy the mark paper and obtain the bond recognized by a notary. Your request to obtain the replicate car insurance documents will just be refined once you send the indemnity bond for your insurance provider.

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