01. Dollar general Deals This Week

Dollar General Deals This Week 8/14/21

Central-Cat.com – Hi, guys, this is small couponer these are the Dollar General Deals This Week 8/14/21 five of 25 scenarios for this Saturday august 14 2021. And these are all digital deals so let’s get started.

So I just want to know this is a dead deal so the tie simply plus oxy the 75 ounces these are 6.95.  this three dollar off that digital is no longer attaching. So this is a dead deal do not do this deal how to use the dg app make sure to check out the beginning of the video link in the description box below.

Dollar General Deals This Week 8/14/21

And make sure that you scan everything in your cart into the dg app. Just to make sure that the digitals are still attaching to the products that you are purchasing before you check out at the register.

So scan in the upc barcode of the product into the app, don’t just search for it on the app. if you don’t have the product barcode to scan make sure to type type in the upc barcode number of the product. The app list is not always correct it will work out differently in-store digitals are one-time use per account.

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Store pricing may vary from store to store digitals that cannot be removed or unclipped after you clip them. And if it doesn’t work out just void the transaction and try another store. Not all dollar journal stores are created equal it may work out perfectly at one store. And then if you go to another store it may not work out at all. So if it doesn’t work out just void it and try another store and sometimes it may be regional.

So this is the difference between a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon at dollar general. You can combine a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. But you cannot combine two manufacturer coupons whether it be in a form of a digital in insert paper or a printable coupon for one product.

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So let’s get started with all of the scenarios

1. Dollar General Deals This Week 81421

01. Dollar general Deals This Week

Buy one of  Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Dutty Dry Ssweeping Cloth sale prices $4.05. Advil Ibuprofen-Coated Tablets-50 ct sale prices $6.35. Tylenol Extra Stength Pain Relief-Caplets-24 ct sale prices $4.00. Covergirl Eye Liner 500 Brow & Eye Marker Sale prices $4.50. Two for $9.00. Bic Round Stic Xtra Life Med sale prices $1.00, Lysol Toilet Cleaner-Clean & Frresh sale prices $1.00.

For this Saturday, which is august 14th two dollars off Swiffer three dollars off Advil, two dollars of Tylenol, five of two cover girls. So it’s for any of the CoverGirl products, one dollar of a big stationery product store coupon. So this is only going to take off 99 cents, because you know for the store coupons it does not give overage. So you have to pay a penny even though it’s supposed to be free and 50 cents of Lysol. So your total coupon is 18.49.

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So since these are all digital deals you have to cash the scan of your merchandise, and then punch in your dg digital account phone number. Some stores want you to do it while they are scanning your items. Because they updated their payment system do it however way that is working out for you you’ll pay 6.91.

02. Dollar General Deals This Week 81421

Scenario two, you’ll buy one of the Scott comfort pluses to six big rolls these are three dollars. One of the Thai simply pots or you could get the Thai simply liquid for 295. One is attaching one of the degree deodorants you could either get the men’s or the women for a dollar.

Find One of the classic disposables is the men or the woman for four dollars, and three of the Colgate these are the baking soda and peroxide so these are 175. Each three of them will be 525, so the total comes to 25 dollars and 15 cents you will use the 5.25.

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Get deals, For this Saturday august 14th one dollar off Scott, one dollar off ty simply, two dollars of gain, one dollar off big stationery products the store coupon. 50 cents off Lysol so the big stationery product will only take off 99 cents as mentioned in scenario one. Because you know they don’t give overage so even though it’s free it’s going to be a penny. Because it’s a store coupon not a manufacturer coupon on the dollar of degree. So this is a manufacturer coupon three dollars off skin cement or chick disposables and five of three Colgate. So your total coupon is 19.49 you’ll pay 5.66.

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03. Dollar General Deals This Week 81421

You’ll buy one of the degree deodorant men or the woman for a dollar. Three of the Colgate baking soda and peroxide or you could get the other ones that are 175 each three of them will be 525. One of the oral b indicator color collection manual toothbrushes to two counts for three dollars.

One of the big sensitive two men’s disposable razors to 10 pack for seven dollars. One of the classic women’s disposables for four dollars. Or you get the men’s and one always discreet liners for three dollars. And one Biofreeze for 1.75 cents. Your total is 25 even you will use the 5.25.

Saturday august 14th, one dollar of degree deodorant, five of three Colgate. Two dollars of Oral b five dollars of big this is the store coupon. Three dollars off always discrete, and two dollars of Biofreeze. Your total coupon is 25.

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