1. CVS Deals This Week 8 1 21 8 7 21 Breakdown

CVS Deals This Week (8/1/21-8/7/21) Breakdown

Hi guys this is CVS Deals This Week Breakdown 8/1/21-8/7/21. All Digital and Printable Deals! for the week of August 1st through August 7, 2021. And these are all digital and printable coupon deals. So, let’s get started what are CRTs app-only coupons mystery offers or instant coupons. Make sure to watch the first part of my first post link in the description box below and if you want to check.

Let’s get started with all of the deals Beauty or Personal care deals. So, select Colgate Toothpaste these are going to be $3.99 when you buy two you get a five-dollar extra bag it is a limit of two.

CVS Deals This Week Breakdown 8/1/21 – 8/7/21


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1. CVS Deals This Week 8 1 21 8 7 21 Breakdown
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So what you would do is buy four of these for $15.96. Because I think if you don’t have CRTs I will pass on this deal. And for toothpaste if you’re not getting them for like you know free don’t get them.

Because we will always have free toothpaste deals later on so I will only do it if you have CRTs. So, buy four of these for 15.96 use the for off 16 Colgate CRT. If your stores follow the 98 rule for the spin deals it will most likely follow it for the CRTs and we are getting a for off to digital. So be careful!

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Make sure that you scan the product barcode into the app. Just to make sure that the four ops 2 is attaching it may be only attaching to Colgate total advanced toothpaste.

So that will be available on the first and then you will use two 75 cents off Printables from Codegate.com you’ll pay Pay $6.46 give back a $10 extra bag and the final cost is free and a $3.54 MM.

CVS Deals 8/1 – 8/7

CVS Deals This Week 8 1 21 - 8 7 21 Breakdown 2
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Or you can combine these two deals together. So you can buy two of the toothpaste until the toothbrush or mouthwash total is 16.96. You will use the four of 16 CRT four off to digital for the toothpaste and two of the 75 cents on Printables from colgate.com.

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For the toothbrush or the mouthwash, you’ll pay $7.46. You’ll get back a five-dollar extra buck from the toothpaste and five-dollar extra bag from the toothbrush or mouthwash. So the final cost is free at $ 2.54 MM.

Just a reminder every Sunday CVS Deals This Week 8/1/21 – 8/7/21 make sure that you clip your manufactured digital coupons and check coupons.com for new Printables. Make sure that you do that on Sunday. Because if you clip them the next day some of the coupons will disappear.

And make sure that you do it on Sunday and then throughout the week as well if we receive good new coupons, CVS Weekly Ad or rebates I will make updated deals.

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